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Empowering Focus, Enhancing Learning

Rabbithole is committed to enhancing the online learning experience for individuals with focus deficits, including those diagnosed with ASD, ADHD, and ADD. Our browser extension provides a unique, non-medicated solution. It aims to minimize distractions and maintain progress, ensuring a focused and rewarding educational journey online.

Revolutionize Your Study Experience

Rabbithole transforms the way you study online. By gamifying your study sessions, our browser extension turns learning into an engaging and rewarding experience. With our innovative design, Rabbithole rewards your focus and study consistency, creating a positive reinforcement loop that keeps you motivated. It simplifies your study material, allowing you to concentrate on what's essential. Our unique feature of content relevancy helps you evaluate webpages at a glance, ensuring you spend your time wisely on material that aligns with your study goals. Rabbithole is more than just a tool; it's your partner in achieving focused and effective online learning.

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